Motorola launches the $129 Moto E, a durable and affordable Android smartphone
15 May 2014
Motorola launched yet another low-price smartphone on Tuesday,…
Android 4.4.3 Update Shows Up in Moto E Teaser Video
14 May 2014
Motorola Mobility has teased their upcoming Moto E smartphone,…
Android 4.4.3 Update, Features & Launch Details
14 May 2014
Android 4.4.3 KitKat was rumoured to have landed on April 14 2014.…
Google Glass gets torn down ‘It’s surprisingly simple’
13 Jun 2013
Google Glass might be a controversial device when it comes to privacy,…
Older Apple devices won't get all iOS 7 features
13 Jun 2013
iOS 7 brings a plethora of new upgrades and improvements, and is…
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom officially announced
12 Jun 2013
Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom. A Galaxy S4 mini…
It's official! Google buys Waze
12 Jun 2013
After months of speculation, the fate of Waze, the Israel-based…
Apple Unveils iOS 7, 'Biggest Change Since the Original iPhone'
12 Jun 2013
At WWDC 2013, Apple has officially unveiled the next generation…
Google Maps application arrives on the iPhone
13 Dec 2012
Google’s new Maps app for iPhone arrived in the App Store…

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